I played a lot of Quake 2 CTF back in the day. It was good. I liked it a lot. It remains to this day my favorite game mod of all time.

Seismic CTF is an experiment to see how well that style of gameplay translates into Unreal Tournament 2003. Personally, I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Seismic CTF is a gametype which features the following (as of this writing):

  • Grapple hook (with experimental offhand option) to get into hard-to-reach places
  • Intelligent bots which are reasonably competent with the grapple
  • Mutator to use grapple in other gametypes
  • Persistent powerups (Relics/Runes/Techs/whatever you want to call them):
    • Haste -- increases movement and firing speed by 1.25x
    • Regeneration -- restores health and existing armor by 5 points each every 2 seconds
    • Resistance -- reduces sustained damage by 0.5x
    • Strength -- increases inflicted damage by 2x
  • Triple Damage powerup (replaces Double Damage); combine with Strength for 6x damage
  • New console commands:
    • "dropammo" -- drops ammunition from currently selected weapon
    • "droptech" -- drops current powerup
    • "team [red/blue]" -- switches player to selected team
  • TeamSay macro "%T" returns the current powerup name
  • New HUD
  • Defensive/Offensive bonuses
  • Flag capture timing -- see how long it takes for players to capture the flag
© 2003 Jason Yu